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07/27/2001: "Hockey Ache"

Archived Entry:
Tonight, our team just made our record 0-5 :( I managed to score 2 goals. The first one was on a nice cut and shoot. The next was on the rebound, goalie spawled out from the first shot, I had a nice wide open shot. After my goals it was 2-1. After 3 periods, the game ended 3-2. What an upset, I really tasted the win... up until the point in the 3rd period where I skated hard and fast to the puck trying to get my "hat trick" when I slammed my whole right side into the boards. I still ache while I write this. My hip, elbow and my back just to the right of my spine hurts. I hope it's nothing serious. We'll get them next time. Wish us luck next week where we take on the Desert Dogs the 3rd place team with a record of 3-1, oh yeah well get ready for a 3-2 record!!! Or something else cause the standings on the page wasn't changed to reflect tonight's games.
Bitching by Adam @ 02:08 AM PST