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08/15/2001: "Damn Them 12 Year Olds"

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How do you manage to live until the age 12 without knowing to chew your food before you swallow?! I give no pity to the stupidity of the 12 year old child who choked on the jelly cup. Why am I so cold hearted? 'Cause they want to pull all of those jelly cup snacks from all the shelves; including my favorite, the lychee jelly cup. I bet at Ranch 99 or Marina, our local "Asian" markets, they won't give a damn and leave it on the shelves. I hope so. LEARN TO CHEW BEFORE SWALLOWING SOLID FOODS DAMNIT. I can understand maybe a three year old having trouble reading the warning label, but a damn 12 year old? moO made it a point that sometime in the past someone has died while eating an apple. Do you think they take apples off the shelves? No, why? Because they figure that the average person or child is intelligent enough to know how to eat correctly and chew solid foods before swallowing. What's the moral of the story? CHEW OR DIE! um, ok...

This Friday I managed to mess up my car again. I took apart part of the front end of my engine in order to replace my faulty water pump and ended up messing up the timing by moving the crankshaft and moving the cams and cam sprockets. Monday, we (Shia helped out alot) managed to get the timing and junk all lined up and got it started, but then after we started the car it started to make this God awful squealing which we first diagnosed in our "professional" opinion as belt problems. Later, I asked my dad what he thought. He said it's probably the bearings. But, what bearings, he could not tell us. Ironically enough it might even be the water pump bearing that needs to be replaced. Interesting how life works...
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