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08/19/2001: "Digital Bootleg, Ain't It Sweet?"

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So, I managed to download a bootleg copy of "The Fast and The Furious." Didn't take long becuase everyone has it so the bandwith transfer is high. Now, I have to use KaZaA because my other DLer sucks. It's cool now that I can watch it over and over again, too bad theres no music track :( Oh well, beggers can't be chosers, eh?

Thursday hockey was a blast! Finally our 0-7 losing streak is over. Although we didn't win, we still played our best game with a tie 2-2 to make our record 0-7-1. Still crappy, but better than 0-8, right? Quick breakdown goes a little like this, (I can't give a more thorough explanation since my memory is bad.) We were already down a point in the first period, when I set up one of our "D" and score a goal. 1-1. 3rd period, I have the puck and zig-zag myself to the goal to get the second goal. 2-1. A little over a minute left in the game and the other team scores a goal and we are forced to take a tie. But, we played our hearts out... I think that sounds right...
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On Thursday, November 13th @ 12:56 PM PST, Scott said:
Do you have the deluxe version of ganguro girl 1.5?
On Thursday, November 13th @ 06:20 PM PST, Adam said:
No, so everyone can stop asking.
On Thursday, August 12th @ 06:47 AM PST, this guy sez said: