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09/25/2001: "Old TV Revivals"

Archived Entry:
Holy sh't "Bosom Buddies" is on UPN 44! Holy sh't I'm still up at 1:30 am! Weird, I forgot Tom Hanks was on this show.

Today, or rather yesterday, Shia and I witnessed the rebirth of an old cartoon, "Transformers." Before I only saw pictures on some websites, but now I've actually seen it. The robots are pretty much the same animation style but different look, but the people are Anime style! We also noticed that there alot more Japanese Anime coming out of the Rising Sun, and oddly it's aimed totally at children. When are they going to come out with "Ranma 1/2!?" Probably when stupid Americans learn that not all nudity isn't sexual. In "Ranma," It's used for comical purposes, not sexual. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.
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