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09/28/2001: "Road To The Playoffs"

Archived Entry:
Last night our road was taken swiftly as we tied 2-2. Sure our chances were slim to get to the playoffs but we still had that chance if everything went perfect. And until last night, it HAD. Oh well, we had fun, now we try for 5th place. Last night I lost my wind completely, I had less stamina thanany other game. I don't know what came over me. Maybe I had to much on my mind. I did manage to play a good first quarter. I'm in the opposing team's zone, a clearing shot is shot toward me I deflect it with the center of my stick 1 vs 0 as I get to the goal, backhand, GOAL! It was sweet. After that, I had no more stamina, I was just too tired. Maybe I should sleep before the games. Who knows?
Bitching by Adam @ 02:44 PM PST