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09/29/2001: "Star Trek Voyager - End Game (Spoiler if ya haven't seen it)"

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I still can't understand temporal distortions or time travel of any matter. Like the last episode of "Voyager," When Janeway goes back in time to prevent certain things to happen, how is she able to change the past when her occurance in the future in time would not happen in the alternate future? Do I make any sense? (tell me if I missed something) I'm not sure If they explained it at all, maybe she had some type of temporal shielding? Who knows? It's just a show.

It kinda makes me think about some things. I guess that's why I like sci-fi, how witty it is. Like when I watch the "Matrix" it really makes ya think, hey... that IS possible.
Bitching by Adam @ 12:45 AM PST