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11/12/2001: "Another One!"

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What is this world coming to? Another American Airlines plane down. Terrorists? We don't know yet. My opinion? Osama is killing innocent lives, what makes this different? Tell everyone who doesn't support him to get the hell out of the country, we're going to nuke the sh't out of the country! We are NOT afraid! Hell give me the button. Tell me what you think, make a comment.
Bitching by Adam @ 09:15 AM PST

Replies: 6 People Bitched

On Monday, November 12th @ 08:47 PM PST, Jesse said:
nukes are not the answer
On Monday, November 12th @ 08:50 PM PST, Adam said:
Sorry, underground piercing nukes are.
On Monday, November 12th @ 10:35 PM PST, Jesse said:
well its all irrelevent now.. it was not a terrorist act anyway, and the Northern Alliance took Kabul today... not saying it's perfect, but I do know one thing. Your font is way too small.
On Tuesday, November 13th @ 12:30 AM PST, Adam said:
I'm jut talking about the whole thing. I was watching the whole thing since 9 this morning I didn't think it was terrorists, either way its just a sad, sad freak accident. yeah well, I like it small, the size is small. small like me, maybe I'll make it bigger. Maybe I won't. Thats why it says at the top to press link if it's too small. =P
On Tuesday, November 13th @ 07:58 PM PST, Jesse said:
I can't even read what you just wrote! ;)
On Tuesday, November 13th @ 08:03 PM PST, Adam said:
I'm actually wondering if that is a good thing now.