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11/14/2001: "Paradox"

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I'm going to try to explain paradoxes with a simple analogy. Although I might end up explaining it wrong, so help me out.

Say you go back in time and you kill your parents. I know this is stupid, just work with me here. You go back in time and kill both your parents and there is no chance for their survival. Therefore you will cease to ever exist. No here's where the paradox comes in. If you did in fact kill your parents, how would you have existed in the first place to go back in time? I'm thinking it can't happen, not because time travel isn't possible, but because if you have ceased to exist, you wouldn't be able to go back in time to kill your parents. Perhaps you believe in the fouth dimension? Where you're placed in some space/time continuum, where it acts as some sort of buffer.

Although, this is all in theory, this is what I believe. What do you think? LOL, Jesse, here's your cue. Go off on this one!

Oh, this has no relation to the movie, "The One" with Jet Li. Although that movie is really about parallel universes, and not time travel, per se. This is just a random topic I'd like to discuss. I haven't even seen the movie. Even though I'd like to. Guess I have to wait for my next unemployment check, whenever the hell that comes.

Ok, since this seems like a hot topic, I put it at the top for a little while...
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On Wednesday, November 14th @ 09:18 PM PST, Jesse going off said:
um yes, I agree...
On Wednesday, November 14th @ 10:34 PM PST, Galak said:
Well what you are stating is known as classical physics. To make a long story short basically you cannot kill your parents because, the act of you going back doesn't not change the past but completes it. For exle, if you were go to back and attempt to kill your parents, the act of your going back resulted in them getting together the first place.

There are however other explinations, such as parallel universes.

Also, as a note, you cannot travel further back than the date the time machine was created.
On Thursday, November 15th @ 11:42 AM PST, Jesse said:
Right, can't change history because it already happened... you just CAN'T do it, something will always "stop" you, like you get arrested or something... same with the future, can't change that once you know it, because it is someone's history, right? Right.

But, the time machine thing, assuming it is possible to make one, why the hell could you not travel back past when it was created???
On Thursday, November 15th @ 12:14 PM PST, Adam said:
Ah, then you believe in fate then. If not, I don't believe what you say can happen, or not happen as the case may be.
On Thursday, November 15th @ 12:36 PM PST, Trafalgar said:
You are all wrong. I am 3rd in command of the Insterstellar Happy Happy Sonic Time Fleet. Currently my right eye is in the future, my left eye is in the past, and my middle eye is somewhere in between. both my legs killed my parents and yours. and i'm never washing my left hand again because god touched it and he is, like, so hot!
On Thursday, November 15th @ 12:38 PM PST, ? said:
On Thursday, November 15th @ 12:52 PM PST, Galak said:
No, haha! Its me Galak!!
On Thursday, November 15th @ 12:54 PM PST, Adam said:
All of you fools need more to do at work!
On Thursday, November 15th @ 05:47 PM PST, Sirius said:
Hey, Gimmee a break. I got nuthin to do during my lunch breaks!
On Friday, November 16th @ 11:05 AM PST, The real Galak said:
HAHA, this is the real galak now, anyways, you can't travel back before the time machine was created because simply the current laws of physics will not permit it.

Space/Time is the 4th dimension. Wormholes can exist causing space travel between long distances in a short amount of time. How does a wormhole occur well you have to think off the universe on a piece of paper, and then folding the paper once, creating a U. Wormholes would be the would be connections between the top and bottom half of the paper.

Well lets say we had this wormhole technology and we were able to compact it and stablize it so we could carry it around with us.

This is how a time machine would be created. You are on earth 2001 and you have access to the opening and closing of the wormhole well considering if you can send the wormhole X amount times faster than the speed of light to travel for lets say 30 mins and then return, when the worm hole returns the first wormhole would be in present time, the 2nd one would be a window to somewhere in the future.
So there is no way that you could travel back into the time in which the time machine was created.
On Friday, November 16th @ 12:39 PM PST, Trafalgar said:
No, no, no, you're thinking about it all wrong. Here, I'll give you dumb earthlings a hint. It has to do with shrinking. So, the speed of light is 3X 10^8 m/s right? Well, all you have to do is grow and the speed of light proportionally shrinks!. Here is the mathhematical proof: Say you are normally 900 kilograms. Just take your Micromex-brand Fun N' Stuff Incredible ExpandoRay and increase your mass to 9 billion kilograms. From E-mc^2 equation we see that mass (m) is indirectly proportional to the speed of light (c). Also, from the law of conservation of energy we know energy is also convserved and can never dissapear, so E is a constant. Now we can see as mass grows, the speed of light shrinks. So if you grow big enough, all you have to do is take a step, and you are traveling faster than the speed of light and travelling back in time.
This also explains the common phenomenon called "fat-man's longevity". Fat people and others with a larger mass are actually traveling thru time slower!!!
On Friday, November 16th @ 12:40 PM PST, Galak said:
Hey, thats not what they said on Babylon 5!!
On Friday, November 16th @ 12:45 PM PST, the real Ghostbusters said:
Don't cross the beams!!!
On Friday, November 16th @ 12:48 PM PST, Adam said:
Damn, now look what I started...
On Friday, November 16th @ 03:57 PM PST, Jesse said:
wormholes, not to be too mean, but your sentences make no sense, so I cant follow at all...

On Friday, November 16th @ 04:14 PM PST, Jesse is back said:
ok, I think I get it... given that physics has not proven how one would actually travel back in time, like, to a specific date anyway... wormholes are just a theory and what you say is so totally based on wormholes AND that you have to CARRY one around WITH you... if this is true, then you are sorta correct, however, if you could project one to go to the future by excellerating it towards the speed of light, then you could somehow excellerate it PAST the speed of light, it would start to go BACK in time (well sorta), there for you could do it.

BUT, the questions was about paradoxes. so :p
On Friday, November 16th @ 04:17 PM PST, Jesse said:
oh and in case you didn't know that, you got it backwards, before speed of light equals future travel (like cuz we live in the present towards the future, right and we are pretty slow) PAST the speed of light equals past, (well in theory).
On Friday, November 16th @ 05:41 PM PST, Trafalgar said:
Besides, more evidence for my theory: Smaller animals, such as your earthly insects, move quicker, and have shorter, and sped up life cycles. Larger animals move slower and have slower life cycles. All animals actually have the same approximate life span, uts just that smaller creatures are moving through the space-time continuum faster!