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11/15/2001: "Sabers Record Now: 2-1-1"

Archived Entry:
With the final score of 3-5, we came out victorious! However, I felt useless as I forgot my skates. What a brilliant move on my part. I did get to use the rental loaner skates, but I think I would have done just as good with my shoes on. There was ZERO edge and when I try to make some moves and cut on the ice I'd end up falling. The first minute of my shift I fell and ran straight into the goal. This team was an OK team, but I think we all would have been alot better (at least I would have felt better) if I had my skates. I guess I have to go now and get off my lazy ass to go and sharpen them soon. Toodleloo!
Bitching by Adam @ 12:39 PM PST