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11/25/2001: "Hospital"

Archived Entry:
Yesterday, I went to the hospital to visit my grandmother. It was sad 'cause she was in there for Thanksgiving. What was only supposed to be a routine back surgery, but ended up having a heart attack and lengthened her stay there. As if the mild heart attack wasn't enough, the thought of sticking a tube in her neck and running the risk of puncturing her lung was enough to scare anyone. Well the good thing is she's gonna make it. The bad thing is she still has a lot of surgery left, they didn't even get to finish the initial surgery, and she won't be able to be out for my birthday or maybe even Christmas. I suppose that sounds a little selfish, but it's the first year she isn't coming. Well, it's all ok, 'cause she'll go through the surgery, go home and we'll all live on. The last I heard, everything was ok, and she'll be just fine after all of the surgeries. I'm praying for a speedy recovery, so she can spend the holidays with us. Get better fast, Yen-Yen.
Bitching by Adam @ 09:40 PM PST