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11/27/2001: "Facial Hair"

Archived Entry:
As some might have noticed, I've grown a little goatee. Not by choice mind you, but rather sheer laziness. I probably would have done it by now, but moO wanted to see how it could turn out. I suppose it doesn't look too bad. Although, in my opinion, Asians don't grow facial hair very well. Hell, my wannabe goatee is missing the sides, I can't even join it all together! It looks so stupid. Damn, I really wanna shave it off 'cause it makes me look older. Sometimes I don't mind that, but I'd like to keep my baby face. Then again my eyes and wrinkles give me away. I think it was odd when the waiter at Chili's last Wednesday didn't ask me for ID when I ordered a Tokyo Tea. Hehe, maybe I'm not even 21!... :(

Bitching by Adam @ 12:33 PM PST

Replies: 4 People Bitched

On Tuesday, November 27th @ 08:24 PM PST, Jesse said:
I wanna see a picture, NOW!
On Thursday, November 29th @ 07:00 PM PST, mysterygirlTM said:
yeah, me too! ;)
On Thursday, November 29th @ 07:50 PM PST, Adam said:
Yeah, yeah. I've been lazy.
On Friday, November 30th @ 01:26 AM PST, Adam said:
OK, here it is.