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11/30/2001: "Hockey 11/28/01"

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I played a tough game last night... night before? What time is it? Er, whatever, I played a tough game this Wednesday. The only thing on my mind was, Don't get kicked out. Don't get kicked out. I even got talked to before the game by the ref. He's a cool guy and he knows me, so it wasn't like a serious talk. So, I managed to play the game without getting a penalty. Unfortunetly, I didn't even get a goal this game either. I think I managed an assist though. We played the team we played out first game to, the Genies, where we beat them 3-6 where I got the 1st hat trick of the season. This time was another win for us. After 3 periods we win, 7-2. Yay us! I just can't wait until next week, that's where the real stress comes. We're to play the first place team, who are UNDEFEATED! I'm gonna need all the support I can get. So, come and watch if you're in the area!
Bitching by Adam @ 12:11 AM PST