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12/05/2001: "Happy Birthday!"

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Happy Birthday me! Wow, that's cool. I was born on the same day as the legend himself! No, not George Lucas. Walt Disney! Happy Birthday, Walt! Just Disney

So, yeah, today is the big day. Nothing really planned until tonight. That's where the fun really lies. A most important game for me. I've waited for this game for weeks. We're playing the first place, undefeated, team! What will the outcome be?! Will Adam score a goal (or two)?! Or will he look stupid in front of everyone!?! Stay tuned!

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Bitching by Adam @ 12:10 PM PST

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On Wednesday, December 5th @ 10:50 PM PST, chris said:
sup, hapy b-day

suxs, i broke my clavical so i'm out of kung-fu for 2 months. so i can't be there

ah well at least i dun hav to deal wif sifu.