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12/05/2001: "Happy Couple! [Pic]"

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This is me and my happy wife, Jennifer, on our appearance at one of the Emmy's. You might recognize her from some TV show... What was it called again? ...Oh yeah, Friends. Don't we make a cute couple?! Ok, so, I must be really bored. moO will probably have me hung (hanged?) after seeing this, but, hey, it's my birthday!

2aw8smOk, so, here we are for real, me and moO (no, she's not my wife. Yet), not at the emmy's or anything. This was taken a LONG time ago. This was an odd occasion where we got a little dressed up and went out. Here you see moO with a little make up, which is more than usual. She has what's called natural beauty (when she's not crabby and mean), few girls know what that means anymore in this day and age of MAC cake-on products and plastic surgery. Bleagh!
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