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12/06/2001: "Birthday's"

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Birthdays, when you're young you can't wait for it. When you get older, you could do without it. I think I'm just about in the middle of the two at this point in my life.

In any case, yesterday was a blast! I got to play a great hockey game while the buds (moO, Jesse, Shia, Hassan and Pam) watched and cheered me on, then hang out with them.

The first place team was a tough one. First period we score, shortly after the other team answers with a goal of their own. 1-1. Some time in the second period we score again, which the other team replies once again with another goal. 2-2 Third period I'm sitting behind the opposing goalie when someone on our team takes a shot and I see the puck behind him. Looing around waiting for the whistle for a split second, I grab the puck and put it in the goal to make it 2-3. Nearing the middle of the 3rd, I get some speed and some dekeing skills around two of opposing team deke the goalie out and with my backhand put it in over the goalie's shoulder to get the "go ahead goal." Shortly after the time runs out and we win 2-4.

Somewhere in the middle I was getting a little disapointed with myself, it being my birthday and all, I hadn't scored any goals or gotten any assists. But it all turned out ok. Stupid Hassan just HAD to point it out that I didn't get my hat-trick. Bastard, LOL j/k. Well, at least I got the winning goal and the go-ahead-goal.

After the game and a short celebration with the team, the buds and I went back to my house for pizza. We finished the meal with a chocolate pie Shia brought. Over all, you have to say it was a good day.

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