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12/10/2001: "Books R KeWL"

Archived Entry:
Lol, Jesse bought me a book for my birthday, Building Really Annoying Web Site. It's f*king funny. I think just about every web developer, young or old, has at least commited one of these crimes written in this book. Hell, some still do. I am guilty of half of this book. Maybe not any more, ok ok, some I still am. I was crushed to find that orange is consitered as an annoying background color. F*k off, so what? But, the greatest thing about this book is that not only do they show what is annoying the world, but also shows how to use those same annoying things for good (IF you can). One example of annoyance I use, forcing links to a new window. WTF? I don't care. I want a reader to stay here, whilst going somewhere else, get it? Then again it goes on to say it's usually only annoying if EVERY link even to your own pages are forced. OK. Ahahahah another thing that annoys everyone is small text. The funny thing is I use a 1024x768 resolution (or bigger size depending on computer) and I can read the text just fine. I'm just scared to see how big the text would be on a 640x480 screen. Yet people still complain my text is too small. Weird.

I think the funniest ones are the navigational ones. Please click to cancel, and shows two boxes marked OK and Cancel. I want to close the window, so what do I click!? OR, To not proceed with the operations, don't click this link. Weird, eh?

Personally, I think Jesse is trying to hint something... Thanks anyways, Jesse. Maybe I'll make a page with a handfull of these stupid yet somewhat useful tricks.
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