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12/12/2001: "Music Video"

Archived Entry:
Damnit, I'm still trying to figure out what video I saw the other day on ch. 26 California Music Channel. There is a video with some girl sitting in a tattoo shop getting a tattoo of her boyfriend's name on the side of her arm. While there she looks outside and sees some dude and they both make eye contact. After getting the tattoo, she goes home to find her boyfriend with another girl in bed with him. She leaves the room and starts thrashing the place. One memorable scene is when there's a picture of them in a frame, where she drops it and steps on it. Later in the video you see the boyfriend in his car in front of her house, and you see her coming out of the house with the dude from outside the tattoo shop.

I don't even know why I'm curious about this video. It isn't even my type of music. Anyone know what song it is?

Songs I thought were it but confirmed it isn't...

The Calling - Where Ever You Will Go
Five For Fighting - Superman
Creed - Arms Wide Open

Bitching by Adam @ 09:18 PM PST

Replies: 9 People Bitched

On Wednesday, December 12th @ 11:46 PM PST, Jesse said:
yeah I know that one, but I fergit the name and the singer is a yutz, but that chick is way hot-o-licious
On Thursday, December 13th @ 09:23 PM PST, pam said:
i hate that f*cking superman song and i can't stand that train song... they are so played out and were never good in the first place :x and creed is not that great either...
On Thursday, December 13th @ 09:29 PM PST, Adam said:
You realize that has nothing to do with anything?
On Saturday, December 15th @ 01:45 AM PST, mysterygirlTM said:
yeah, I like that superman song, but creed sucks donkey dickerz!!!
On Thursday, December 20th @ 10:35 PM PST, pam said:
what? i'm commenting on the songs you did not think it was... and stop impersonating me, you loser!!!
On Thursday, December 20th @ 10:38 PM PST, Adam said:
mysterygirlTM isn't me.
On Thursday, December 20th @ 11:37 PM PST, pam said:
i didn't mean you, adam...
On Friday, December 21st @ 07:43 PM PST, anon said:
Jessica says it is The Calling - Wherever you will go. She's pretty sure about it.
On Wednesday, December 26th @ 02:07 PM PST, Adam said:
WTF? I downloaded another version off kazaa. It is! I knew I wasn't crazy, I guess I downloaded an alternate version of the video. How weird to make mutliple versions of the video...