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12/13/2001: "Adam Is A Lazy A*s"

Archived Extended Entry:
You ever have those days where you don't want to do anything? I'm like that all everyday. Only, today was worse. Today (I guess it's yesterday), like every Wednesday is hockey day. You'd think I'd be totally stoked. Stoked? I just didn't feel like playing today. It was ok 'cause the closer and closer it got to game time, the more I wanted to play. It came out ok, but I just didn't seem in it even when I was on the ice. I mean I wanted to play, I just didn't see any opportunity for a break-away or a good scoring opportunity, I had to settle for a couple shots on goal and an assist. Well, we won the game 4-2 despite the fact that my lucky charm, Shia, wasn't there. LOL.

I noticed even the best of sites use a popup splash page. Check out the Nike Hockey site. I really don't like the way the whole site is in flash. It messes up my whole wish list linking thing.
Bitching by Adam @ 01:47 AM PST