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01/11/2002: "Thursday Hockey"

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I don't think I've played that bad of a game in a long time, if not ever. I managed to fail several really good scoring chances. On top of that, I also let a goal in. Well, not as bad as it seems. I was behind a guy hooking him with my stick to distract him, and pulled the cut toward the net and shot then scored. Really put a damper on my game. That and the fact that I ran out of water in the middle of the game. We had a rather disappointing game as we were forced to take a tie for the game. I suppose 1 point for a tie is better than 0 for a loss, but there goes our winning streak. My mother made an interesting observation. I play better when I have an audience. but both my mom and my dad don't count...
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On Saturday, January 12th @ 03:31 AM PST, Shia said:
Sorry I wasn't there! oh well. I had a legit excuse ya know!