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01/11/2002: "Cars Suck"

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Of all of the G-- D---- luck I have in this Universe... My car is in the shop again. I brought it in originally for an oil leak, and it turns out that there's three different leaks I need to tend to: oil, radiator, and power steering fluid. Power steering fluid?! Where the hell did that come from!? Get this, a new power steering pump is $600. WTF? a used/rebuilt is about $250 and labor is about $175. SIGH The oil leak they MIGHT do it under the warranty, maybe not, since I brought it back after the warranty. But, hey I've put so much money into that damn place, they better do it for free...
Bitching by Adam @ 09:37 PM PST

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On Monday, January 14th @ 12:29 AM PST, pam said:
my car is in the shop too... grr...