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01/31/2002: "Dreams"

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I had a dream last night, maybe a little too real. I dreamt I was walking around school, I think it was a high school or something but I don't think I was in school (it was some school limbo), when in the corner of my eye I see some girl ‘stalking’ me. Okay, not really stalking but hiding behind other people sporadically looking my direction as if to see if I am who she thought I was. As I walk to a nearby bench she approaches behind me, jumps in front of me and says, Adam? At the time I was wearing a hat, so she wasn't sure it was I. To my surprise it was an ex-girlfriend of mine. I'm only guessing it was an ex due to the way she was talking to me and what we talked about, but when dream many times it's a blank face. We sat on the benches just catching up, finding out what we missed out with each other. Now that I think about it, I think the said female was a combination of all ex-girlfriends because of the questions I asked and was asked. Shortly after my talk with the Exes, I woke up.

Puzzled by my dream experience, I was inspired to talk to one of them. I hopped in my ride, filled the tank with some petrol, and drove for what seemed like forever. I mind you this was in the morning and by the time I reached my destination it was pitch black dark. I parked my car in a nearby parking lot. I didn’t' know where she lived, I knew the general area. I didn't know what I was doing there. I got out of the car and started walking around to gather my thoughts. After wandering for about an hour I found myself far from my car, so I started to run towards my car. I ran by some grocery store and saw some cops. I heard the cop’s radio (it was pretty loud), Apprehend him! I was a little worried they were talking about me. Still running, I turned the corner to evade the cop only to find a cop with a gun pointed right at me. I was standing face to face to a 9mm Beretta Police Issue. I'm thinking sh't, not again. This is the second time I have a cop's gun on me. He tells me to turn around with my hands on my head.

That's all I remember because then I woke up again. It was a dream within a dream. Damn, I hate those. A little too real. I don't know what all that meant, kind of scary though.
Bitching by Adam @ 12:11 AM PST

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On Thursday, January 31st @ 12:24 AM PST, Jesse said:
whoa, freaky! did you feel all weird the whole next day?
On Thursday, January 31st @ 12:36 AM PST, pam said:
petrol?!? are we in england? can you spare a fag?
On Thursday, January 31st @ 06:48 AM PST, Skool Girl said:
Don't think much about it. Dreams are usually thoughts that are floating around in your head. The whole "ex-girlfriend" thing is probably just a thought that's been hiding at the back of your head. It means nothing. Or perhaps you had a quick thought about one of them and your brain picked out that to put it into your dream. Sometimes if I drop a pen during the course of the day the event actually finds a spot in my dream. The only reason why I would remember it was that it actually happened. Strange that what I do think about A LOT doesn't pop up in my dreams, but it's what I don't.

As for the cops, it was probably a thing of fear. Lots of dreams mean nothing, and most of the time it's all fear. It's nothing to worry about. However, if you look deeper into the details of the dream you can discover the hidden messages. For instance, in my culture, if you dream that you have long hair that represents your happiness. If you dream of your own blood then you would have to be very cautious with anything you do. It indicates bad luck. However, if you dream of someone else's blood (anyone's at all) then that means you are in financial luck! If you are applying for a job you may get it! Or if you buy a lottery ticket you might win! ^_^

Just don't worry about it... It's just a dream. If you're really curious about what it means think back to those specific details. A lot of people know different meanings for dreams, so ask around. There are also books that tell about these little signs. I just hope your dream wasn't in black and white - that is a very negative thing.
On Thursday, January 31st @ 11:07 PM PST, Shia said:
Very interesting... i think that often the best person to interpret a dream is the dreamer. the dreamer best knows the symbols and emotions of hisself. Just think of what you associate all those ex-girlfriends with. what do you feel? It could just be a general "don't live in the past" dream. after all, you were sitting and talking to important people of your past, reminiscing of the past. then you try to search to relive the past and end up with a gun in your face.
well, only you could figure out the real answer.