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01/30/2002: "Wednesday Hockey Night"

Archived Entry:
Ah, I love it. Wednesdays. Ice hockey, the King of Sports. It was a hard stuggle in the first period when we were down 2-0. It was a loss, I just felt it. When out of the blue we were 2-2, but then the other team answers back with a 3-2 goal. Some where shortly after we score 2 ass-whooping goals to make it 5-3. 3rd period, alot of time for them to catch up, we get a penalty, and yet another one. 5-on-3s are NOT fun, hehe. I managed to kill the full 5-on-3 time. Needless to say I was TI-ERD!!! That was my greatest acomplishment the whole game as I didn't score any goals or assists today. The thing that pissed me off today was the last 10 seconds of the game I was cross-checked smacked my head on the ground. I looked around for the refs, nothing. Sure we were up by 2 and it was only 10 seconds left, but it's the principle. Maybe the whiskey sour didn't help after all...
Bitching by Adam @ 10:46 PM PST