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03/01/2002: "New Bed!!!"

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Yes, finally. I have a new bed. I've been stuck with that old wood bed for like 15 years now. And finally I have a new one! Which one? It's some cool looking one from Futon Depot, yeah it's a futon, they kick ass! I was just at the Great Mall with Shia and my parents when I saw the futon shop and had to go take a look, about 15 minutes later I walked out of there with a box containing the parts for my new bed. Sadly, though, as I got home and destroyed my old bed and started to put together my new one, I found I was missing a piece. A main piece I might add. It was about 11PM when I found out, so I had to put my old bed down until the next morning where I drove back to the Great Mall to get my piece. It seems so far away. Oh well. The futon I got was the cool chrome one. It's mad pimp! I'm getting the blue velvetish cover when it comes in next week. Velvet is mad sexy. Now all I gotta do is cristen it... LOL... Someone have a bottle of Cristal I can buy to break on it?
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On Sunday, March 3rd @ 12:03 PM PST, Jesseeeeee said:
so what size is it? like a double/full? can you fit on in yer room that big??!?!?