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03/08/2002: "Quizes and Stuff... Layout Change?"

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Damn there's a sh't load of those quizes out there ''If I were a Fraggle, I would be...'' or ''If I were a video game character, I would be...'' Yeah, I'd take the quizes, but I'm to lazy. Yes, I know. Linnie's waiting on my, ''If I were Adam's perfect girl, I would be...'' type of quiz. Wait, that doesn't make sense... It wouldn't be that type of quiz. I'm really bored and half awake.

I've been in a really weird mood lately. I don't know what it is. I know my sleeping schedule is completely messed up. I now have to stay up until at least 3am then wake up at 8:40, if I do, for school. Two days ago I was up until 3am playing Everquest, don't ask, when the servers came down. They would be down for 6 hours. So, I got up, changed and ran. It was raining outside. I like being out in the rain, it's fun. I ran for about an hour. I managed to get to moOs house without stopping. Damn, I'm still sore. I got back about 4:30 amish, then I watched ''Moulin Rouge'' with my sister. I don't think I went to sleep that night. I don't get much sleep anymore. Maybe if I dropped out of school I could sleep more. I think Life should move around me. I like being awake at night, but oddly, I don't like to be asleep when it's light out. I would be content if there was NO sun at all. I know alot of people wouldn't like it. Too bad. I don't like sunlight. It doesn't make me happy. I don't like it in my eyes. If I'm the ruler of the world, I'll blow up the sun. I don't care if everything dies. You'll love on artificial light! AHAAHahahahaHAHahahH

Have I mentioned I hate people anyway? I'm not a people person. That's why I don't want to work in retail anymore, I don't want to hear what the common consumer has to bitch about. Hell, If I remotely liked people, I'd be a bartender. Alcohol + money, what could be better? Plus if you're at the right place lots of hot chicks, LOL. No, not with my luck. Plus, I wouldn't know where to go to work, hell I don't even know where to work now! Damn, I need to find a job fast.

I have been so bored with the hot orange lately. I think I have used up the life out of orange. But, I don't know what I want first of all. On top of that I'm trying to figure out what to do with Pam's Page. I think I know but it might use unline frames again so, Pam, sorry you can't read it with your jankie computer. So I need my testers again, 386 & P4 20ghz users, 56k & broadband users, Mac OS & WinHoEz users IE&NN, Linux & Netscape users. Gotta have some input. I'll tell you when. It just might be in the form of my old baby blue style. Sorry, I like inline frames, but I most likely not use them since older browsers can't use iframes. Bastages.
Bitching by Adam @ 12:51 PM PST

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On Saturday, March 9th @ 01:47 AM PST, Shia said:
4:30 amish? I didnt know the amish had a different time then us. is that, like, at mountain standard time or something?
On Saturday, March 9th @ 12:51 PM PST, Adam said:
Haha, maybe I should change it to AMish. Bah!