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03/16/2002: "Hockey Day"

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Yesterday was my last hockey class at Hockey Workout. I think I learned alot while there. I can aim better, shoot faster and straighter, and I know a lot what I was doing wrong, or at least not as good. I only had 3 classes there, once every friday it was cool 'cause I think I got my moneys worth. Usually after any type of hockey, be it Hockey Workout or a game, I'm really tired. But today was a diferent story. Did I mention I only had 3 hours of sleep last night?

Several hours after Hocky Workout I was to scrimage against my brother in a Parents VS Kids game, they never do this and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, in which I had to skip out on Pam's Birthday party. So so sorry Pam. Don't think she was very happy about that. I have to say I had a lot of fun. I'm so sore right now, and during the game my back felt jacked up, but it was all worth it! Hell, I'd do it again! Even knowing how much pain I'm in. I actually got past my brother a few times and even scored a goal! No lie, it's all on tape, and I know a lot of people who would pay to see how sh'tty I am compared to my younger brother...
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On Thursday, March 21st @ 12:12 AM PST, pam said:
yeah, you suck! ;)