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03/20/2002: "Misc"

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moO said something odd to me the other day. She said, only ''cute'' guys cheated. To which I responded with a laugh, then when I took a second to think about it I went from a laugh to a pouty face in 1 second. Damn I hate when I react before I think. I suppose that's better than speaking before you think.
Bitching by Adam @ 02:41 AM PST

Replies: 5 People Bitched

On Wednesday, March 20th @ 12:48 PM PST, Jesse said:
cute is a relative term.. I mean if someone else finds you (or anyone) attractive, then you have an option to cheat right?right.
On Wednesday, March 20th @ 04:01 PM PST, Adam said:
Damn, you read too much into it.
On Thursday, March 21st @ 12:14 AM PST, pam said:
since when is cheating an option?
On Thursday, March 21st @ 06:37 PM PST, moO said:
k, i believe SOME1 misquoted me... as usual...
On Friday, March 22nd @ 01:50 AM PST, shia said:
since when is cheating an option? what, are you saying it just up and uncontrollably happens?
"I was walking donw the street one day and whoops! I cheated!"
Or was that a comment meaning that cheating is never acceptable, thus should never be an option?