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03/20/2002: "PS2 + Linux = Good!"

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PS2 Linux Kit. Things are looking up for Linux. Sure beats buying more Microsoft crap. |c|o|u|g|h|X|B|o|x|c|o|u|g|h| I'd go to full Linux or Mac but not everything is compatable with non-WinHoez yet.
Bitching by Adam @ 07:58 PM PST

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On Thursday, March 21st @ 12:24 PM PST, Jesse said:
the obligatory: macs rule.

no they really do.. like now with mac os X, I will definitely say, without a dounbt that they are the best, hands down.. thee end
On Thursday, March 21st @ 02:24 PM PST, Adam said:
Actually I heard Mac OS X borrowed a little from Linux interface wise, is this true?
On Thursday, December 4th @ 11:07 AM PST, Tim with the big lips said:
ur right about one thing.... macs kick the **** out of the rest.