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03/21/2002: "Late Night Blogging"

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Ah, the life of an insomniac. My sleep schedual is all messed up now. Well, it has been for a while now. I think I feel better at night. The bad thing about being an insomniac is that I can't sleep when it's night out as my first sleep of the day. Sure, I can nap when there's sun out. Don't ask. There's alot about me that just can't be explained. Like why last night I was up until 7am and I had to leave for class at 9? Who knows, I just can't sleep. Much like I can't now.
Bitching by Adam @ 05:05 AM PST

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On Thursday, March 21st @ 12:23 PM PST, Jesse said:
crazy, I took a nap at 7pm until 11pm and I was up at 5am like you... we were n'cync!