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03/23/2002: "* Hassan's Pad, Gambling, Rain, and Stuff *"

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Last night was a blast. I finally got to see Hassan's new place. Straight pimp status. While there I decided to loose some money to the buds and had a little gambling with Shia, Pam, and Hassan. I think I managed to lose about $15 dollars yesterday. Normally I'm the big winner. But, yesterday I just wasn't quite myself, and couldn't concentrate on the game, even though I thought I had won. Who knows. Maybe it just wasn't my day.

While losing Adam's money, we popped some popcorn and had some brews while dealing the cards and watching ''Zoolander.'' GDit thats a funny ass movie. ''They're IN the computer?'' ''What is this? ... A center for ants? How are we expected to teach children to read if they can't even fit inside the building? ... The center has to be at least... 3 times bigger than this.'' ''They're breakdance fighting!'' ''When I was in the seventh grade, I was the fat kid in my class.'' ''Ew!'' Tons of stars in that movie, which made it a really funny movie, maybe a little too silly for some people. Will Ferrell was the greatest! I think I could have lived without Billy Zane, his lines were just lame. On a side note did you know that the masseuse with the only line is ''Good boy. Good boy!'' was Andy Dick?

After we got tired of cards we got out of Hassan's pad to step out for a few, only to find it pouring rain. I don't think it was raining very hard when we got there, but JUST as we go out, it starts with the thunder shower. And stupid me only has my leather jacket. So, I'm waling around with just a t-shirt to cover my top. How stupid and cold was I.

After wandering the streets of Palo Alto we finally stop at Taxi's. Some old school lookin' diner if you've never been there. They have some pretty cool shakes. I, of course, got a chocolate shake. But, added to that was a basket of fries. I don't know why I got them. We went thru like 3 bags of popcorn, some Cheese-Its, some veggie stick things that was basically potato fried fat and a bunch of Bagel Bites. I was full, but hungry. I dunno if that made any sense. Pam ordered some onion rings (yuck!) and we believe they totally shafted her. For the same price as my fries, she got like 7 rings. I'm not even exaggerating. ~ 7 rings. WTF? I suppose it was 'cause we got there at about 12. They closed at about 12 too. Oh well, shortly after finishing our food we dropped Hassan back at is pad, and procedded home. What a night. I think I could have handled a little more alcohol...

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On Sunday, March 24th @ 12:33 AM PST, Shia said:
Hey, sorry man. I feel guilty. Maybe play again soon sometime, it was a fluke. You can win it back! Usually the games work out as a sort of welfare among friends thing where those with the most money happen to lose the most and those with the least win the most. oh well.
On Sunday, March 24th @ 03:30 PM PST, Adam said:
Bah, it itsn't the money that counts. If it were, I woulda cashed all that damn change a long time ago. What does matter is the company of friends. 'Cause I'm lacking in that department, since I just lost another long time friend to time and circumstances.
On Wednesday, March 27th @ 12:42 AM PST, pam said:
so does that mean i have the least money? ;)

omg, the billy zane part was THE BEST!!! "listen to your friend, billy zane! :)
On Sunday, March 31st @ 02:16 PM PST, juicy said:
i need to see zoolander now
On Monday, April 15th @ 12:49 PM PST, Adam said:
Does everyone know who Andy Dick is? If not, he has his own show, now, on MTV. It's pretty funny. Sort of a sketch comedy/satireish type of thing. He's also one of the stars in the TV show "News Radio."