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04/03/2002: "Updates and New Layouts"

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WTF? Everyone has a new layout. NO exageration, Everyone. I'm the only one left in the dust. Well, I have some news for you. I, too, have something up my sleeve for iCHAOSi.com... and some extra eye candy in the works. It's been hard work doin' all this sh't for my pages. Hell, I'm not even done yet. Yes, I'm still up late. I thought I'd be able to sleep tonight since I went running and didn't take a nap. Lazy f'ck. I managed to doze off for an hour a little while ago, but here I am. I'm back, wide awake, uploading an 'ish load of files. Uh oh, I gave you too much info! Well, back to... whatever I was doing...

Bitching by Adam @ 05:01 AM PST