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04/06/2002: "Blogging, Hockey, and More! (Frozen Four)"

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Well, here I am. Welcome to GotAdam.com. Adam's new home for his weblog, er, my weblog. I'm back to blogging now. I stopped for a little while to get this site up and make changes to my other sites. On top of that, I'm at a different host. I'm now located at DreamHost! Since I'm back, how about a little blog?

Last Tuesday I went to another Sharks vs. Ducks game, and what a game that was! The sharks were already up 2-0 when out of no where a pass from the blue line to the crease, I forget who, palms the puck, drops it and scores a goal to make it 3-0. Like the last minute of the game the Ducks score a goal to ruin the shutout for the Shark's goalie, Evgeni Nabokov.

You're probably asking yourself, ''WTF is the Frozen Four?'' Well, you've probably heard of the ''Final Four,'' right? Well the ''Frozen Four'' are the top teams of college hockey. I managed to catch the championship game between Minnesota and Maine, it was a long game with an even longer OT with a score of 3-3. the last 4 minutes a fatal penalty on Michael Schutte (Maine) put Minnesota with the man advantage. Less than a minute later Grant Potulny (Minnesota) scores the winning goal for Minnesota. Ah, hockey. What's cooler, is that Sharks game is on now, right after the college game! Hockey day! Wheee!
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Cool page dadio. So are you gonna start playing hockey again or what?