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04/11/2002: "Jin BET 106 Park "Freestyle Friday""

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I know I haven't posted much, but here's my link of the moment. Check out Jin in a Freestyle Battle before it goes away like the Kiss video I posted a while ago. LOL he says, ''Lay fahn oh kay la.'' See Chinese can be good at other things other than computers, badminton and tennis.

4/12 2:11pm OK so apparently the host already took it off of the site. I'm working on getting a copy of it.

4/12 8:42pm I managed to get a copy of it. It came from peterjun.com originally. You can come get it here now!
Bitching by Adam @ 04:56 PM PST

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On Thursday, April 25th @ 05:24 PM PST, Adam said:
Anyone notice how much he sounds like Eminem? I thought the other guy sounded pretty good, good flow and stuff, but then jacked himself up.
On Monday, February 17th @ 06:46 AM PST, sambo said:
yo jin u hot son, im ure greastest fan almost like stan, nar im kiidin son, y u diisin luda, dat nigga hootttt! but 4real u da man jin! wot u did on freestyle friday dat was da bizznizz, keep ya head up blud, come to the uk, call me on 07813525287, yo i know promotion ppl ill get ure name evrywhere if datz wot u want, soon ull be in da $$$ but dont 4get who ure real friend are and where u come from, look afta ureself l8a!!
On Monday, February 17th @ 08:52 AM PST, Adam said:
On Tuesday, August 5th @ 02:17 PM PST, Niclas said:
eyy... u know the song to skazo vs. jin.. whats the name of the song the playin??/N from sweden.... please answer, please
On Friday, August 22nd @ 07:33 PM PST, Sarah said:
Hey, is freestyle friday on EVERY friday on 106 & Park?
On Sunday, September 14th @ 12:18 PM PST, James said:
you have got to be the best mc but who is next on ur next target to dis
On Tuesday, September 23rd @ 07:09 AM PST, konflict_cripsta said:
Edited: 9/23/03 7:28 - Sorry, I don't allow ghettoz tawkz and swearing here. Learn how to articulate and come back next year. Learn to speak without cussing, it does wonders to get your point across without making you look stupid. Now everyone spam through emails how ignorant konflict is.
On Tuesday, September 23rd @ 07:46 AM PST, Adam said:
Has anyone but me notice this is NOT Jin's site and will probably NOT ever come to this site? Why do you insist on writing HIM posts?