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04/13/2002: "Late Night Posts"

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It's been like 3 weeks, now, that I haven't been able to sleep normal hours.

Right now I'm watching Masters of the Universe. I don't know what's worse, me staying up late watching cheezy movies, or the fact that Courtney Cox starred in this movie. Hell, she's making crazy money now, so it's probably me. Back in the day her facial structure looks much like what Meg Ryan does now. It's eerie 'cause they really do look alike and I actually thought that it was Meg Ryan. ...I didn't know Meg Ryan was in Top Gun...

Also starring was Lt. Tom Paris from Star Trek Voyager. LOL also is that Principal guy from Back to the Future, that called everyone slackers. Oh, and Dolph Lundgren. Skeletor has some crazy cool makeup, pretty good for a movie made in 1987 LOL. I'm spoiled from CGs like new Star Wars and Final Fantasy.

Weird, there's an add for CompuServe on AOL's AIM... That's like Microsoft advertising for Apple or something, isn't it.
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On Sunday, April 14th @ 01:25 AM PST, Jesse said:
well you remember netherweb's webemail thing, first it had adds which was lame cuz it wasn't free and then some of those adds were for other web hosting services... sigh, what dorks