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04/15/2002: "Ah! Job Searching, It's Bliss!"

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Ok, lately I've seen alot more jobs trickle out there on the web. Which I might add is probably still the worst place to look for a job. Everything is still internal, ''Do you know someone good for the job?'' ''My brother, Bob, is good at that.'' That type of BS. I seem to know no-one who knows anyone. That helps. Which is why I'm stuck looking for jobs on the usual web pages. In any case, I suppose I'm lucky. There were sever posts on some potential jobs and I actually submitted my resumé to two of them. I'm not holding my breath or anything so, yeah, whatever. I still haven't received a response to the other few places I've submitted my resumé to, nor have I gotten any word from the unemplyment office about the status on my extension claim; which is important since my last check gets mailed out in a week or so then it's no money city for me, YAY! I hate not getting responses. It's like worse than a FU, you suck, why do you bother, ahahahahahahahah, you want this job, are you demented; all rolled up into one. Well, I suppose I should go back to my reading before I get flustered futher.
Bitching by Adam @ 01:24 AM PST