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04/22/2002: "A n F'cks"

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Show this to every Asian Pacific American you know. Anyone else sick of AnF? Obviously I haven't my voice here and have a couple times on Jesse's page. But, should I voice out here? I don't think so. I'm as pissed as the next Asian. I already didn't like AnF anyway and this only furthers the hatred. Before, all I could gripe about was Tommy's ads being ''White'' then started showing more minorities on his ads. I guess he got the picture and realized diversity was a must before he gets more flack. Also, A n F'cks was just the same way. Portraying, basically, the pure White of their line, ads and everything geared towards their ''pure'' White image. Let's not pretend it isn't.

Go to Blacklava.com My favorite shirt is the ''Asian is... NOT Oriental.'' I don't care if it was called the orient. We don't like it. PERIOD. And, plus, Oriental sounds stupid to me. Hell, I'm not even Asian, I'm an American. I've never even set foot anywhere near Asia.

Chink Wear! Kind of how - (What's the PC term for Blacks? Most are as much African as I am Asian. So, African American wouldn't work. Colored is just plain stupid and wrong. Hell, they ain't even ''black!'' Oh, I know...) - darker skinned brothers and sisters take away the ''n'' word. Just don't use the ''C'' word unless you are one.

OK, enough stealing links from angryasianman.com

''We personally thought Asians would love this T-shirt,'' said Hampton Carney = ''We personally thought it was really funny.'' In addition to this, I'm sick of seeing dubbed Chinese movies, I'm sick of seeing those damn Chinese & Japanese characters everywhere from t-shirts to ball caps (I'm gonna sell shirts soon, they're going to read ''I f'ck donkeys,'' or something like that and see how many stupid people buy them just 'cause it looks ''cool''), I'm sick of seeing Asians not in movies that are not kung fu related.

Sure it's cool to see wire fights and stuff, but where's the Asian drama, hell I'll take more Chow Yun Fat blowin' sh't up just as a change. I think we've stuck to the damn kung fu fighter stereotype too long. Ok, so I'm guilty of the martial arts master crap, but that's just a technicality. Lots of people take martial arts, not just Asians. Look at Chuck Norris... LOL, ok bad example. Chuck sucks and isn't worth and martial artist's time on any screen, big or home. You want real martial arts? Watch a Chinese movies, complete with subtitles. If you're a soldier, watch it without. Don't like wires? Tough crap. American movies can't be sh't without computer graphics either. So, the Chinese have their own special effects. Don't knock it.

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