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04/15/2002: "Smog Check, Intake, and Deep Thoughts"

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HOOOORAY~! I passed my smog check! ... Well, my car did anyway. No problems. yay! I don't have to fork over any extra dough to fix anything. I don't know why I was even worried. Well, I know, but there's nothing I can do to control the innards of my car so if I pass, I pass; if not, screw it. If my car failed, I still would be pissed. I saw Ante at school the other day, he's this cool guy I used to work with when I worked at the Wherehouse, and he said he needed a smog check recently too. It's funny 'cause he goes to the same mechanic at the 76 station that I do. Anyway, he said that his car had failed. Kinda weird 'cause his car is newer and less miles, whodaguessed his car would fail? The testers told him to give them eighty bucks and come back in 30 minutes and you'd passed. LOL, how jankie is that? Whatever they did *wink*wink*, I wouldn't care as long as I passed.

Sucks 'cause I had to replace my GReddy intake with the stock intake, it's sorta pain in the arse. Good think I kept it tho. I needed to replace it 'cause I don't have the 50 state legal sticker. When I bought the intake back in the days it wasn't legal yet, then a few months later it became legal but them jerks didn't send me a sticker because I lost my receipt, sad 'cause so did they. Jerks

Lately, it has occurred to me that my format is all wrong. Well, FU. What do I care... LOL. WTF is Adam talking about? You might be asking yourself, or not... whatever. I've noticed on a lot of weblogs that people mostly post deep meaning full crap, that's rather interesting, but instead of talking about themselves and what they do from day to day they talk deep about... well, deep thoughts. I, however, don't think too deep. LOL, so, to this format, stick with I will. ...eR, now I'm talking like Yoda, my mentor. I'm sure I've talked about some deep thoughts type of stuff. But that really isn't my forte. Computers and sleep is my métier. Which, incidentally, is my word of the moment, a new stupid think I added to the right. I gotta broaden my thinking just a little. I'll change it from time to time. I'd try a new word a day, but come on, I'm not that smart. By the time I write this post I would have forgotten the word... Maybe, instead of putting it on the right I should add it to the actual weblog in the ''more'' section... I'll think about it. I'll also think about some deep thoughts to write about, much like my ''Paradox'' entry back in November.
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On Tuesday, April 16th @ 10:27 PM PST, Shia said:
Write whatever you wanna write. If you are writing to a particular audience, then write what would keep they're attention. If you just want your own daily diary, then write that.