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05/01/2002: "No Good Luck Comes To Adam, What's New?"

Archived Entry:
I don't think I have the best luck in the world. Hell, I have anything BUT good luck. I don't know what it is about me. I just have bad things happen to me. Ok so today's news isn't all so bad, I guess. Yesterday, my $250 digital camera crapped out on me. Not the most expensive, nor anything near top of the line, but still a useable entry level digital camera. moO likes to bring up the fact that I don't even take pictures. Sure, I do, ok, so maybe I don't. But, wouldn't it be nice if I DID have a camera I could use if there just so happen to be a random time I would need a picture taken? What makes it worse is I can't buy another camera. No job no income. Gotta save for my body kit. LOL j/k

Second, I managed to miss another car show this passed weekend. Sure, I didn't miss much, and I don't have a crew to go with anymore. It would just be nice to go. I need some inspiration. I dunno what inspiration, to do what, with what money... Just inspiration.

On a side note, and in contrary to what I said in my first couple sentences, I managed to get an extension on my unemployment! Yay, something semi good. I think I'd much rather have a job and not worry about wether or not my checks are gonna run out before I get a job. Hrm... If i can hold out the extension money until September I can open a new claim! Yay more unemployment! Damnit, I need a job. More and more jobs showing up, that's a good sign. No one's emailing back, that's NOT a good sign.
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