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05/05/2002: "Ice Cream Poll"

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'Nuff said, right?
Bitching by Adam @ 10:30 PM PST

Replies: 6 People Bitched

On Wednesday, May 8th @ 05:28 PM PST, mom said:
get a job/life!
On Wednesday, May 8th @ 07:20 PM PST, Adam said:
Don't you have anything better to do at work than bother me?
On Thursday, May 9th @ 10:19 PM PST, Job/life said:
Get a mom!
On Thursday, May 9th @ 10:19 PM PST, Shia said:
chocolate yummy!!!
On Sunday, May 12th @ 06:06 PM PST, moO said:
uhhh, i didn't see no ice cream poll...
On Sunday, May 12th @ 08:45 PM PST, Adam said:
I guess they change that page often instead of making a whole new one.