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07/01/2002: "Weekend Update w/Adam Wong"

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Ok, so I didn't really do much this weekend. I did visit my grandmother in the rehab type hospital twice. I worked on her fence back at her house. I managed to step on a rusty nail with my left foot and had my Uncle rush me to a hospital. I didn't know when my last tetanus shot was, my mom thought it was 5 years ago. So, to be safe I got one anyway. I think they said you need to have one ever 10 years. So, now, I have a small limp on my left side, and my arm is REALLY sore. Like as if yesterday I lifted weights or something. SORE!
Bitching by Adam @ 05:09 PM PST

Replies: 7 People Bitched

On Monday, July 1st @ 06:18 PM PST, Lump O Lard said:
ewww! that sounds nasty! icky rusty nail through the foot? ewww!!!!!!
On Monday, July 1st @ 06:45 PM PST, pam said:
Lump O Lard?!? We know Shia and Jesse are the only ones who read this site... ;) Feel better, Adam!
On Monday, July 1st @ 08:13 PM PST, Adam said:
Sorry, you're wrong, Pam. But, thanks anyway.
On Monday, July 1st @ 09:13 PM PST, Shia said:
damn, rusty nail. hospital. tetanu shot. sounds fun. don't do it again.
On Tuesday, July 2nd @ 11:24 AM PST, Adam said:
Yay, at least now, I could run around on rusty nails and not have to worry for another 10 years! Nice... I read in a paper the hospital gave me, "...tetanus kills three of every 10 people." Why doesn't that comfort me?
On Saturday, July 6th @ 12:31 PM PST, Adam said:
Great, yesterday the pain came back! WTF?! It hurst again NOW! Make it go away!
On Wednesday, August 6th @ 05:49 AM PST, Adam (too) said:
I make a collection of people named adam Wong!