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07/02/2002: "Stranger From The Past"

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Holy crap! I just saw Mr. Hunter, our old P.E. teacher from Jr. High, at Safeway. I haven't seen him in like AGES! I don't think he remembered me, I didn't expect him to. It's been a whole what 10 or so years. Although he used to call me ''Alan,'' when I gave him my name he said, ''I remember you, I haven't seen you since you were this big. You're all grown up now!''


I guess he was just talking about my age. I suppose I'm taller than I was in Jr. High, probably more wide. Grown up? No way! I'm still as much of a kid as I ever was. Mr. Hunter was one of the coolest teachers to ever have. He's a legend in our neck of the woods. He's my ''Mr. Feeny.'' (From Boy Meets World A show almost as good as The Wonder Years) He taught us all alot about how to be strong Too bad he retired. Now, all that's left is a myth; blood days, his stories of being thrown from a car and did a hunter and rolled to safety, crab walking the track, ''no, no, knucklehead!'' all now just stories. Mr. Hunter, this one's for you! Thanks for all the knowledge you bestowed upon us.

You're probably wondering, "WTF is the new song of the month?" Or, maybe not. Well whatever the case, it's just the song used in the Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial. It has a pretty cool video too, nothing fancy, but a guy does some cool dancing and a little story behind it. Also an Eclipse is featured in the video, neat!

2 days later I'm STILL SORE! WTF?! :(
Bitching by Adam @ 11:49 AM PST

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On Tuesday, July 2nd @ 09:06 PM PST, moO said:
i never had mr. hunter for my p.e. teacher =*(

oh well, i doubt it woulda changed the fact that i HATED p.e. !!
On Thursday, July 4th @ 03:26 PM PST, Shia said:
he used ta call me "lil' whitehead". my hair was still pretty blond back then. what a character that guy was. i sho do miss him.