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07/05/2002: "Hair & PPG"

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So, yeah, I have scruffy @$$ hair. I REALLY need a hair cut badly. However, I'm trying to get a new style of hair for myself. I'm going for the cool FOB look with longer hair and highlights. I'm basing this off a guy in one of my current favorite movies, Gen-X Cops, a really cool Hong Kong flick. If you like HK movies, this one is a must see.

Wheee!!! I got to see the Powerpuff Girls Movie Wednesday! It was basically a long version of a pilot episode of the show. But, it was great! Hehe, I think Bubbles is the cutest! As you might have noticed from iCHAOSi.com. I wanna meet Tara Strong, the voice of Bubbles.Throughout the movie, many girls ooooh and aawwww at every cutesy part. Sure it's cute, and sure I was doing it too, but it gets old. What I found funny was the fact that some voices in the crowd sounded older, like mothers even. Oh well, PPG is for everyone, not just for girls. And even if it was marketed for girls, that hasn't stopped me from watching a cartoon. see: Sailor Moon *blush* I was really pissed off that they wasted ~10 minutes of my life with a Dexter's Laboratory short. 1. I hate that toon. (sorry for those who like it, just my opinion) 2. I didn't pay to see it. 3. There's better toons to show. 4. I hate that toon. I think I'd rather see a Samurai Jack short or something.
Bitching by Adam @ 09:29 AM PST

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On Saturday, July 6th @ 10:45 AM PST, Girl said:
heh, my cousin (who's an assistant supervisor at a movie theater) said that almost everyone that came to see the PPG movie was a bunch of college students!
On Wednesday, July 10th @ 12:53 AM PST, pam said:
yay! my dsl is finally working!
On Wednesday, July 10th @ 10:07 AM PST, Adam said:
Hardly a place for that.