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07/15/2002: "Everquest Auctions"

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Ok, I'll admit it. My only ''illegal'' activity online is selling Everquest stuff online. Perhaps no more, however. The site I do my transactions with has cancelled my account because I wrote my email address on the auctions. OOOOOO scary! They made it seem worse than kiddie porn, WTF? Do I bend over and take it? Hell no. I write them a semi-nasty letter that's SO, long (ok, maybe not so long) they'll probably never read it, delete it, and never respond. I may be wrong, and I hope so for their sake. Not that I can do anything about it...
Bitching by Adam @ 11:58 AM PST

Replies: 3 People Bitched

On Wednesday, July 17th @ 12:06 PM PST, pam said:
yeah, they do that sometimes...
On Wednesday, July 17th @ 12:07 PM PST, Adam said:
What? Kiddie porn? That's just SICK, Pam.
On Wednesday, July 17th @ 12:08 PM PST, Adam said:
Or, is it bend over and take it? Muahahahahhah.