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07/17/2002: "Weird Dreams & Word of the Moment"

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Funny how weird some dreams are. Last night I dreamt I was in the MTV's reality show ''WWF's Tough Enough,'' which is now WWE, don't ask, I don't know. Oddly enough, I was chosen for the final 15. Now, if you either known, seen, or met me you'd know I'm not a very big guy. So, I wonder in my dream how did I get so far in the competition. Then again it IS a dream. After the choosing of the final 15, we piled into this Eurovan to be sent to our home for the competition. It was very much like one of the houses you'd find in the real world. After a little mingling, I talk to an Asian guy about my age but MUCH stalkier. He seemed to fit in more than I did. WE talked about how we got so far in the competition and all I could say was, ''I don't have a clue.'' And somehow we got onto the subject of how I used to work for Compaq and I haven't worked in like a year and a half. What was weird is that he said he worked at an Apple like 10 minutes from me. (I wonder if this was a ghost image of a guy I knew from kung fu named Romeo. Yes, it's his real name, I saw it on his work name badge.) I went on to say how winning this would be real good for me since the 2 ''Tough Enough'' champions get a contract to wrestle for the WWE. It would be VERY good for me financially is I won, and just as good if I didn't win physically, since its basically a VERY tough (but free) work out training. I think that was the end of that dream. So, I dunno what happens next. Maybe I'll find out later.

A second dream was where I was sitting in my house and all of a sudden from no where an asp bites me. Don't know what an asp is? It's some sort of snake. The only reason I know WTF an asp is, is because of stupid Everquest. Only, this asp looked like a cobra. I was afraid to call 911 because I didn't want them to yell at me for it not being an emergency, but then my sister yelled at me, ''If this isn't an emergency, I don't know what one is!'' Maybe, but maybe I could have called some kind of animal control or something. As long as I didn't have to call 911, I was ok. The crazy thing is, after it bit me, it escaped and slithered somewhere around the house and as the dream ended I didn't find out where that damn snake went.

Funny how the mind just f'cks with you.

ti·rade (trd, t-rd) n.

A long angry or violent speech, usually of a censorious or denunciatory nature; a diatribe.

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On Thursday, July 18th @ 07:37 PM PST, Shia said:
The first one is your subconcious telling you to get a new sporty hobby.
the second is a premonition that you are going to die soon.
hmmm.. does bungee jumping sound like a good hobby? or hows about alligator wrestling?