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07/28/2002: "High School Dream"

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Last night I had a really long dream about high school. I recall being late for Mr. Davis' class, but I don't recall him teaching French in my dream. I only had him one year for French, so I don't know why it was so significant that he'd stand out and be in a dream of mine.

So, anyway, I was late for his class, and I kept leaving his class to go meet a girl. Now, this girl, for some reason, didn't go to school and was our age (at the time). So, I dunno why she wasn't in class. Oh, she worked at this coffee shop cafe type thing, and the funny thing is, it was on campus. The scary thing was, we never had a ''cafe'' on campus, and the ''cafe'' was in place of the office.

I kept leaving Davis' class, and he sat me down for a talk in the middle of class with two other guys and told us how much of a screw up we each were. And for some reason I saw behind him that the class was square dancing. Even after the talk I had with him, I still had to leave the class. I told him I needed to go to the ''restroom''. I just ran to the ''cafe'' to meet my mystery girl.

She's still a mystery 'cause I don't recall what she looks like. Many times, in dream, females are ''blanks,'' I dunno why I can't ream real people, or why my mind can't develop a generic face. I guess a blank is all I'm able to do. I recall while being there she read my fortune from tea leaves. (remember, she works in a coffee shop on campus) But, I don't recall what the fortune was, or I think maybe in the middle of her reading the bell rang for brunch or the next class, so, I must have stayed with her for a long time.

I ran to Davis' class to apologize for being out so long. I needed a GOOD excuse. The first thing was, Urinary Track Infection. I don't know why that was the first thing to pop up in my head. So when I reached his class room, he was gone. The next class has started. Which also was weird, because in high school, the teachers didn't move classrooms like college. In our high school all the teachers had their own room.

So, I was walking on the North hall of the library toward our ''Cove'' to get a Coke, then Darren Lepke f'n pops up and goes, ''Dude, I haven't seen you in a long time!'' I'm thinking to myself now, if it was high school, I would have seen him just about every day. But it was more like if I saw him now. No, I'm not longing to see him again. I don't know why that was even a part of the dream. Maybe I'm longing to see someone again, but by no means can I think of a reason that it'd be Darren Lepke. Sorry, Darren.

Funny how the mind just f'cks with you.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:54 AM PST

Replies: 7 People Bitched

On Monday, July 29th @ 01:12 PM PST, dOaN said:
EEEEN-teresting myt friend....
On Tuesday, July 30th @ 03:31 PM PST, jesse says.. said:
funny how Darren f*cks with you...

oh and I think you mispelled "f*ck." There is a "*" in there. F, *, C, K. F*ck. That's how you spell it...
On Tuesday, July 30th @ 05:12 PM PST, Adam said:
Well, F u Jesse.
On Thursday, August 1st @ 01:13 AM PST, MysteryGirlTM said:
did someone say mysterygirl?
On Tuesday, August 13th @ 12:18 PM PST, Eric said:
Yo, I dream up blank people too.
On Friday, August 15th @ 05:40 PM PST, Darren Lepke said:
Dude, I haven't seen you in a long time. Its ok that you don't long to see me. I live a very rewarding life.
On Friday, August 15th @ 05:53 PM PST, Adam said:
Ha, I'm just saying I'm not gay or anything like that. HA.