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08/04/2002: "Hockey and Other Crap"

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I gotta get into hockey again. I can't wait until hockey season again. I guess golfing is the closest thing I can get until the next season. One reason to learn to play golf REALLY good. Damn, I have a blister on my left palm. Maybe I'm holding too tight on the golf clubs damnit. A sign I suck? Maybe. But it's too hot to golf/drive in the sun. I'm so sick of this damn heat. I don't care what you think of the weather so son't bother. Anything higher than room temperature is too hot for me.

I'm so bored with my life. At least school starts in a couple more months. I'm somewhat looking forward to it. No, Adam is NOT crazy. I just need to get out and do something. I'm sick of being tied to a chair in m room. What sucks is everything requires money. Don't bother writing me (in any way) what I could be doing that doesn't require money. If it doesn't require money, it really isn't for me then. Odd how that works. Maybe tomorrow I'll go work on my car some more. Only this time maybe I'll clean the engine bay or something.

I was working on a new layout for GotAdam.com. I ditched it 'cause its hard to do anything without alot of pictures and, well, the whole ''Got...'' is limited to black and white (greyscale). So it's hard to add color. I suppose I could just add color, but then I just think it looks wrong. If you've ever seen a ''got milk?'' commercial you'd notice at the end when it says ''got milk?'' it's black and white. Oh well, maybe I'll have something soon. A while ago I put up a newish layout for iCHAOSi.com. I think it's kewt. You don't? Who asked you? Damn, I used to like doing layouts. Now it seems like more of a chore. I had some ideas for AzNR.com, but I'm not alowed to search through images on the web. Odd, I've been seeing alot of girls on the web with girl models on their blogs. What does that tell me? Definetly a girl who's comfortable with herself and her sexuality. More power to you.

Maybe I should change ''got adam?'' to an anime format. It seems more fun to have anime. Silly cartoons with big heads, big eyes, bit mouths, big... n/m. I wish I could draw. I used to be able to, but it was only from an existing picture. I could never make my own object up.

Ok, so is that Rockwell song, ''Somebody's Watching Me,'' also with Michael Jackson? I realize it's Rockwell, but it just sounds like Michael too. I looked at CDnow.com and no where did it give him a ''feat.'' so I dunno.

I hate cereal. Well, I don't, but I hate how you have to eat cereal really fast or it gets soggy. I DO, however, hate soggy cereal.
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On Sunday, August 4th @ 09:46 PM PST, MysteryPamTM said:
yeah, it's mj on the rockwell song... it's insider info, that's why he's not listed...

yeah, and i like cereal... and i like how the milk gets sweet from the cereal... i like hot cereal too... yum