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08/19/2002: "Santana Row & Sideshows"

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So, did anyone check out the huge fire practically down the street from me? The $1 billion dollar project was to be open Sept. 19th and provide more housing, jobs, and a more shopping opportunities to the ''Downtown'' area. I find it a little odd they consiter that area as Downtown. Valley Fair Mall isn't downtown. Half of it isn't even in San Jose. Luckly the 11-alarm fire only burned 1 of 9 buildings in the project. So far, there is no cause of the fire. Still, it's a little more scary since it IS so close to home.

So, they're gonna try to crack down some more on "Sideshows", street shows where people pull doughnuts and peel out and stuff. Personally, IMO, I don't think it'll help any. People will aways be into the thrill of getting caught, they like the adrenaline rush. Supposedly, with this new bill they will impound the car for 30 days and it'll be close to $1500 to get it back. Again, this probably isn't stopping anyone, and will lead to people driving beater cars, get it taken from them, go home and pick up another ~$500 car just for the thrill of getting caught again. Another opinion of mine, make some sort of legal thing around here for burnouts, dragging, etc, and you might be able to cut down on SOME illegal car activities.
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On Monday, August 19th @ 11:38 PM PST, mysterypamTM said:
down the street? yeah, it's totally not downtown...