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08/20/2002: "Props"

Archived Entry:
LOL, I just got some mad props from a white chick in a Camero at the local Shell gass station while I was filling up my babie. She seemed to like my license plate holder. It reads: ''I Eat Rice Boys 4 BreakFast.'' breakFAST! Some may know what I'm talking about. Dunno, just weird. To get props from anyone in a domestic. Oh, ''props'' was her word, not mine.
Bitching by Adam @ 01:28 AM PST

Replies: 2 People Bitched

On Wednesday, August 21st @ 01:22 AM PST, mysterypamTM said:
yeah, I Eat Rice Boys 4 BreakFast!
On Wednesday, August 21st @ 01:25 AM PST, Adam said:
Um, OK, good one.