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08/22/2002: "Tee Time"

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Ok, so, I know I bitched a lot about how I didn't get to golf today. But, it did suck. I was planning to go to Deep Cliff again today at 6:30 PM but then I found out my dad took them to play earlier this morning and wasn't to return until like 8. So I just waited until he came back and then I took my brother to Pruneridge to go drive and practice chipping. I dunno if I'm getting better. I guess we'll see tomorrow since we have a 11:20 AM tee time, and moO is coming this time! We're in for a few laughs. Hehe just kidding moO... or am I? I'll be sure to post the results to this one! Is golf such a popular sport that you have to reserve times? Why isn't there reserved times for tennis? It's always crowded when I want to play tennis. Then again, tennis is usually in a park somewhere where it's a public place, versus a privately owned course. Whatever...
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On Friday, August 23rd @ 09:50 PM PST, moO said:
i HATE you.