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08/22/2002: "The Transporter"

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Before I forget, remember to see: ''The Transporter''. Why? Other than the fact that I said so? Ok Well, you have cool starts like Jason Statham, Matt Schulze, and SHU QI! You can see Jason in ''The One'' with Jet Li. Matt Schulze was in this little movie, you might have heard of it, ''The Fast and The Furious''. (Har Har) And of course, Shu Qi. You might not have heard of her, but I bet she's up and coming! I saw her in a semi big bugeted Chinese movies called ''Gorgeous''. I'd show her to people, but, someone has my copy... Oddly, I don't think she's that ''gorgeous,'' not to horrible either, though. From the ''Transporter'' trailers I've seen, it looks like a really cool movie... but I'll let you read more about it at the links.
Bitching by Adam @ 11:43 PM PST