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09/22/2002: "Misfits, Thinner Adam?, and Final Fantasy"

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Yes, that's the name of the hockey team that I'm playing with now. I'm playing at the Ice Centre in San Jose now. Today was the first game of the season. Yeah, I don't really want to talk about it right now. Needless to say, I wasn't really on my game today. We managed to lose 1-5. I scored a goal though... For the other team. It went of my skate and into my goal. How stupid is that? I did managed to draw a lot of penalties today, something around four today. That might be a personal best. Too bad it didn't help any. So, yeah, I was beat up pretty well today. The last hit I took was from behind, I was skating towards the puck that was in the corner of the other end, and then I get crosschecked into the boards and slam my elbow into the boards. Penalty! After I got up, and got my bearings, the center on my team asked me, ''What are you made of, rubber?'' I guess it's 'cause I took so many hits today, and just got back up to play. I gotta get back on the treadmill and work on my stamina again...

So, yeah, I'm still running on the treadmill, as much as my body will allow me. I try to eat LOTS less bad food, thanks to moO's influence. I am still spending a LOT of money on Jamba Juice. It's healthier, but expensive. I have to rethink the healthy part though. I always get the Berry Lime Sublime Powersize no boost. Maybe I should get a boost. Anyone have any recommendations? I found out that my drink is about 560 calories!!! So, I can't eat all that much the rest of the day. I'm not on any diet, but I'm still trying to lose some holiday insulation from 2 years ago. So, I still try to get under 2000 calories. Hrm, OK, that sounds like a ''diet,'' call it what you wish.

After much, MUCH time, I finally beat another Final Fantasy. Previously this was my FF record. FF7 - Beat, FF8 - Last boss, FF9 - Eh, I played it a little, FFX - Still in the plastic wrap. Sad. I managed to beat FF9 this week, that is, after 60 some odd hours. Sad. I'm told it can be done in 13! I'm aiming for finishing FF8 before I play 10. I tried to beat 8 a couple times, unsuccessful. *Sigh* I gotta get a job designing games. No, wait. I'll settle for A job... Well, you know what I mean.
Bitching by Adam @ 12:08 AM PST

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On Sunday, September 22nd @ 10:11 PM PST, Shia said:
Just wanted to drop by and say hi! Good luck with the health thing. jamba juice is better than burgers, but each chicken or soy or sum'n else to be sure to get enough protein. living off sugar and other carbs isnt very good either. also, i'm sure you could save money by eatin the same type o stuff at home.
On Monday, September 23rd @ 12:07 AM PST, moO said:
omg... no wonder why you sounded so blahhh 2 tell me about your game... yah, i agree w/ shia's "diet" & $$ advice... i know, moOmoO'z a good influence... haha... & yah, finishing FFIX in like a week is pretti sicking cuz i hate being cooped up indoors!